Hi. I'm Kieran Farr, CEO and cofounder of VidCaster, and welcome to the third video in the series around creating an effective video marketing strategy for your business. Rule number three-- you need a video site map. What is a video site map? A video site map is a special page on your website that's not meant to be seen by humans. Instead, it's used by search engines like Google to know where on your website are specific videos so that when somebody searches on Google or other search engines, they're actually brought directly to that video to play it back on your site and not to other services like YouTube. How do you make a video site map? Video site maps, unfortunately, are pretty complicated to make by hand, and we actually don't recommend you do this manually. Instead, you can use services that will generate a site map automatically. And they should update instantly when you add or remove a video from your site. Video site maps also contain extra components, like metadata about your video-- including the thumbnail, title, description. This way Google and other search engines have an idea of what's in the video so they can use that to generate the search results.

Vidcaster's CoFounder and CEO, Kieran Farr sits down to discuss the importance of creating a video site map for search engines to actually be able to read what videos you have on your site.

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