Vidcaster is your video hosting solution and it's easy to upload videos to your site. There are many benefits of uploading your videos directly to Vidcaster including advanced detailed analytics, contact analytics, and in-video interactivity. 

It’s easy to upload your videos to Vidcaster: 

  1. 1. Once logged into your dashboard, click “Add a New Video”
  2. 2. Click the “Upload File” Option
  3. 3. Select your video(s), up to 5GB size for each file with up to 10 video files at one time to upload
  4. 4. Upload the files! Once processing is complete, you will be taken to either the Edit Video page for a single video upload or the Manage Videos Page if a bulk upload is completed. 

For more information, visit additional support articles about uploading videosaccepted formats, and video privacy settings

Alternative Options to Vidcaster Video Hosting: 

If you work with an alternative hosting provider, or don't have access to the raw video file, Vidcaster provides several options for adding videos to your site. Click on any of the below options for more information. 

What's Next:

Once you’ve uploaded your videos, check out this resource page about managing and organizing your content.