AddThis Social Share Analytics

In General Settings, you can turn on the 'Video Sharing' feature, which enables AddThis social sharing icons to appear below each video on your video landing pages. By signing up for your own free AddThis account, you can connect your account to Vidcaster in order to view sharing statistics.

It's simple to add your AddThis ID to Vidcaster. After signing up or logging into your AddThis account, navigate to the 'Grab the Code' section.

Get AddThis ID

In the code section on this page, all you need to do is copy the 16-character (letters and numbers) code.

Get AddThis ID code

After copying the 16-character code, log in to your Vidcaster site and navigate to the General Settings page and paste in your AddThis ID.

Set AddThis ID

That's it! Now you will be able to receive statistics in your AddThis account when people share videos via the AddThis sharing buttons on your Vidcaster video landing pages.