Video Analytics (Localized)

Organization Overview

Foreign language videos associated with an English version are automatically organized by category and subcategory of that English video. If you upload a foreign language video as a stand alone video, you will need to place it in the proper category or subcategory. 

Localizing Category and Subcategory Titles

1) Create the English category and/or subcategory 

2) After you have saved the category, click on the video title to re-open the category / subcategory edit page. You will see a new 'Foreign Language Versions' option on the top of the page. 

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3) This option opens up the Foreign Language Category Editor, where you can set the category / subcategory name and associated descriptive metadata to display for that localized content and seamless site experience. Please note that the category URL will display the English (or orginal) option. 

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