Annotations Overview

We are very excited about our partnership with HapYak, a full suite of tools to create interactive video. Add to your videos text and images with links, point out important sections with the drawing tool, create a table of contents, and include quiz and survey questions. We are taking video to the next level, closing the gap between the view and the sale, and increasing the ROI of video! The HapYak Annotations Editor is now a part of the Educator and Marketer Editions, quiz questions is an additional fee.

To access the Annotations Editor, go to the Edit Video page under the Videos tab. In the bottom right hand corner, select the Settings tab and you will find the button to Edit Annotations. Here is what the editor looks like:
HapYak Editor

Get to know the Annotations Editor

Player ControlsThe first section of the Editor is the player controls. You have play, pause, rewind, fast forward, and volume control. The editor is a video player. Press play or move the player progress bar to where you want to add an annotation.

Text CommentNext we have a text box to add text comments. Begin typing in this text box to create a text annotation in the video.

Annotations FeaturesEach icon represents an annotation feature. Click on an icon to add the annotation to your video. The pen is the drawing tool, the picture allows you to upload an image, the flag is a bookmark/chapter tool, the three bars create a table of contents of your bookmarks, and the question mark is the quiz question tool. The quiz question feature comes with an additional fee. Speak to your Account Representative to learn more and set up a trial.

Annotation ModeThe Editor had three modes: Edit, Show and Hide. In the Edit mode you can see your edit options. This is a little Edit button attached to your annotation that expands to a full edit menu. Show mode is great for previewing your annotations in the editor. Show hides the Edit button and gives you a preview of what your annotations will look like to the viewer. Hide mode hides the annotations all together.

Video TimeFinally, we have the HapYak logo, the time of your video, and an expansion to view the editor in fullscreen.