Automated Video Sitemap

Vidcaster video resource sites automatically generate a video sitemap for you. Each video you upload automatically creates a unique video landing page that is included in the video sitemap. Any changes you make to the video are updated in the video sitemap nightly. We even submit the video sitemap to Google and Bing for you. Visit the Video SEO page under Settings for sitemap options.

Video SEO tab

On the Video SEO tab we show your sitemap url where you can see all of your public videos and their associated meta tags. You can verify that your videos are indexing on Google and Bing by clicking the Verify Indexing buttons. If a video shows up, then it is indexed. Share and drive traffic to your videos to increase their search rankings.

While we submit video sitemaps for you automatically, you can always manually submit the sitemap yourself to Google or Bing from this page. To have a sitemap appear in your Web Master Tools, you will need to manually submit the sitemap. This is separate from our submit, which gets your videos indexed.

Understanding your Video Sitemap

Your video sitemap is housed within a few files. The first is the robots.txt file, which can be found by adding "/robots.txt" to any domain. This is a public file that provides the sitemap and rules for search engine crawlers.

Robotstxt file

The url in your robots.txt file is your sitemap. Enter this url into your browser to see a breakdown of your video sitemaps and general page sitemaps. Video sitemaps paginate after 500 videos, so if you have a lot of videos, you will see multiple video sitemaps.


Copy and paste the video sitemap url in your browser to see how each video is laid out. Depending on which metadata elements you have added to the video or the gating configuration, you will see different meta tags. These tags help search engines understand what sort of content is on the page to index it appropriately. One of the benefits of Vidcaster is that we can host your content on your own domain, so you will see in the video sitemap that the location and file of video has your domain, not Vidcaster's. That is why you get the organic SEO boost from hosting your videos with Vidcaster.

Video Site Map

If you are promoting embeds of your videos on a different domain than your video resource site, you may want to add a custom video sitemap to tell search engines that your main domain is the home of those embedded videos, not the subdomain. Check out our Custom Video Sitemap tool.