Bulk Subscription - Payment Bypass

Bulk subscription enables Site Admins to provide access to video content and distribute access to participants without prompting them to go through the Paywall process. The below instructions are for Vidcaster sites that has Paywall enabled and activated with Stripe keys.

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1) Create a CSV list for the users you wish to grant access to the subscription The CSV would include the following fields (optional fields are marked with an asterisk '*'). The CSV can contain up to 1,000 lines / contacts 

    • email: Is the email address of the user you wish to add
    • *name: This displays the first and last name of the subscriber account email: Email Address used to login to the account and receive notifications from the Vidcaster system
    • subscription_ids: These can be found by hovering over the name of your created subscription in the Paywall page. When specifying multiple subscriptions, the IDs must be in quotes and comma separated (e.g.: "123,456,789").
    • *activation_end: Date you want to cut off access to the subscription content. If no date is entered, access won't expire

**Please note, when creating the CSV, you must include a header row with those above field names at the top of your data to import, such as: 

Sally Smith,sally@gmail.com,3412

If you do not include the header row - your data will not import!

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3) Upload Contacts 

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  • 1) In the Contacts Page, click on the 'Manage' button and then select "Add Multiple Subscribers" 
  • 2) In the contact upload window, copy and paste the contacts list in CSV format, then click 'Submit'. The upload may take up to an hour to complete. As contacts are uploaded, you will begin to see them added to the Contact page list. 

4) Invite Subscribers Manually 

Once you have uploaded contacts, you can download a CSV of activation links associated with the subscribers email address. Activation links have a 2 week expiration from initial contact upload. Please note that newly created subscribers by default have a Last Login date listed of the creation date until the first time they login. 

    • How to Download Activation Link CSV: In the Contact Tab, click 'Manage', then select 'Get Account Activation Links" and a CSV will automatically begin to download 

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