Comment Tool

Vidcaster uses a default commenting tool that enables you and your viewers to leave a comment and spark a discussion around your video content. 

The comment tool displays below the video on a video playback page. Using a third party commenting tool is available and would display in the same location of default templates. 

Remove Comment Tool 

If you do not want commenting on your videos, you can remove the commenting tool using the Advanced Theme Editor. As the edit may vary by theme template, reach out to for assitance. 

Moderating Comments 

You can turn on and off comment moderation for your site in your General Settings page. Then, you have the ability to approve or mark comments as spam. Once you approve a comment, it will then appear on the playback page of your video in the Comments section. 

Profile Picture 

When you or a user comments on a video, a profile picture displays by pulling the user's Gravatar associated with their email address. Click here to create a Gravatar to upload a profile picture.