Contact Reporting

Knowing how your contacts are engaging with your video content is critical to your video victory success. Below is an overview list of the different reports you can gather on your contacts:

Contact Profile

This is the record of an individuals engagement for: 

  • - Videos watched including a detailed heat map 
  • - Leadwall form submits and/or Paywall subscription purchases 
  • - Annotation clicks 
  • - Quizzes completed 

CSV Contact List

Download a list of all of your Vidcaster contacts in a CSV form from the Contact page. 

Contact Plays

See who has engaged with your video content based on filters in the Report Builder. 

Contact Submits

Find out who has submitted a quiz and their score in a simple CSV snapshot from the Report Builder. 

Top 10 Contacts

See what your most engaged users are watching from a top 10 list in your Engagement Analytics report.