Manage Contacts

The Contacts tab is where you can view and manage all of your tracked viewers, whether these are leads, Paywall subscribers, or Private Site users.



Filter the list by Contact type or search by email and name. If you have more than one Contact type, you will see type options in the drop down. If you only have one type of Contact in your account, there will be only one type in the drop down, and by default, your All Contacts filter will show the same list.

Search all or part of an email or name to pull up a specific Contact. The Contact search will also search any Leadwall form fields entered by a Lead Contact.


Leads are Contacts who filled out a Leadwall form or were cookied through a video playback page tracking link. They will have an Email, Name, and link to their Contact Profile. The Email and Name fields are created from the Email, First Name, and Last Name popular fields in a Leadwall form. If the lead came from a tracking link or if you did not include these popular fields in your form, the fields will not show up.

Click the Manage button to "Download a CSV" of all your Contacts. This is a to-date inventory of all leads. To access reports separated by Leadwall form, go to the Leadwall tab.

You cannot currently delete a lead or separate out which leads came from a form versus a tracking link. This will come soon!


Subscribers are Contacts who are actively subscribed to a Paywall subscription. Subscribers will have an Email, the number of Subscriptions, a Last Login, and a link to their Contact Profile. Hover over the Subscription count to see which subscriptions they are currently subscribed to.

You will also see Contacts with a type called "Account". These are account holders that have either never subscribed to a subscription, or they are no longer active. Account Contacts can be identified by having an empty Subscriptions count, since they are not actively subscribed to any subscriptions.

Download a CSV inventory of all Subscribers and Account Contacts by clicking on the Manage button. The CSV will break out Subscribers from Account types for you. To see a historical inventory of subscribers for a specific subscription, go to the Paywall tab.

Subscribers and Account Contacts do not yet have a Name, since this is not a field on the Paywall account creation form. This is coming soon! Other future updates will include the ability to refund and delete a Subscriber or Account Contact.


Users are Contacts that have been invited to or registered for your Private Site. User Contacts will have an Email, Name, Subscriptions, Access End, Last Login, Edit link, Delete link, and Contact Profile link. If you did not enter a Name when you invited the User, it will not show up.

The Subscriptions column for Users refers to the categories the User has access to. If Subscriptions is empty, the User has access to all of the video site. If there is a Subscription count, the User is limited to specific categories. Hover over the count to see which categories.

Access End shows when access to the site or categories will expire. If this is empty, there is no expiration date for the User. Click on the Edit icon to change the Access End date and or Categories the User is subscribed to.

To see a full inventory of your Users, click on the Manage button and select "Download CSV".