Coupons Setup

With Coupon Codes, you can offer your subscribers a discount, free trial, or limited access after attending a conference. Vidcaster site owners can create and customize coupon codes, which new paywall subscribers can be redeemed during the subscribe process. An applied coupon entitles a viewer to receive a discount or free credit for a time period configurable by site owners.

Create a New Coupon

1. Coupon setup is located underneath the Subscription Summary and Subscription Archive on the Paywall settings page (Admin > Videos > Paywall).

2. To create a new coupon, click the "Add new coupon code" button. This launches a modal dialog where details of the coupon are defined.

Modal dialog

Coupon Code Name: The blank text box is where you can insert the name of your coupon code. Coupon codes are case insensitive and they can be used only if there's not another active coupon with the same code.

Terms: There are three term options for you to select to set the discount duration for your coupon code. The duration works with your subscription terms. Coupons of type "month" can only be applied to recurring yearly and monthly subscriptions. Life-long and one time coupons are applicable to all non-free subscription types.

          One-Time: Percentage discount off one payment term (i.e. 100% off annual subscription, 50% off 3 day subscription)

          Life-Long: Percentage discount off all future payment terms (i.e. 75% off each month of your subscription until you cancel) 

          Month: Percentage discount off a set number of months of a subscription term. When this option is selected, an additional box will display allowing you to insert the number of months to apply the discount (i.e. 50% off first 3 months of a subscription, then the subscription moves to full price) 

Percentage Off: Set the percentage to discount off the subscription price. 

Apply to a Subscription: Using the dropdown, you can select one subscription where the coupon can be used or enable it to be applied to all avaialble subscriptions. This is recommended if you want to restrict your discount options. 

3. Once all fields are updated, click Save. Your coupon will be Active and ready for use. 

Deactivating Coupons

To prevent existing coupons from being redeemable, uncheck the "Active" checkbox for a coupon. This moves it to the Coupon Archive. 


Archived coupons can be unarchived, so long as there's not another active coupon with the same code.