Custom Domain Instructions

Custom domains let you host your Vidcaster site with a URL like "" or on a subdomain such as "".

First, you'll need to buy a domain from a registrar like GoDaddy, which we have used below in our setup instructions. 

If you have already registered your domain name elsewhere, use one of the two options for directions below based on the type of domain you have. 

Option One: Subdomain 

An subdomain example: is,, or

Instructions (using GoDaddy)

1) Sign into your domain hosting service, again for this example we are using GoDaddy. 

2) Navigate to the Domain List. Then, find the domain you will be modifying to create a subdomain for your Vidcaster site (For example, you will find to create the subdomain

3) Click on the domain name, then click the 'DNS Zone File' Tab 

4) Click 'Add Record' to create the CNAME Record:

  • - Record Type: Select 'CNAME'  
  • - Host: Insert your subdomain url (example:  
  • - Points To: Insert '' into the Points to Field 
  • - TTL: means Time to Live. This is how often other DNS servers check for updates. This field is up to you to select an option, we recommend the 1 hour option. If it's a longer TTL, the downside is that it will take longer to propagate out to the internet, and longer to connect to your Vidcaster Account.  

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Option Two: Apex Domain 

Example:,, **please note an Apex domain, does not include 'www.'

Please contact us for instructions on how to do this.

Update Your Vidcaster Account

1) Once your domain's DNS settings have been updated, login to your Vidcaster account. From your Dashboard, click Site > Domain.

2) In the Vidcaster "Edit Domain Settings" page, check the "Use a custom domain" box.

3) Enter the custom domain you have chosen (such as or and then click Verify. If the domain is ready to go, you will see a green check and can save your new domain setting by clicking "Save Changes." 

NOTE: If you are using an Apex domain then you can only use www for your subdomain.

** If you see a red X, your domain change requested has not propagated, or the settings are not correct with your registrar. It can take up to 24 hours for domain settings changes to propagate across the Internet, but this usually happens faster.

If you are still having difficulty getting your custom domain setup, please contact us at