Category Landing Page Template

Besides item, 'group' is another important object of a Vidcaster site. A group is essentially a category, and we will refer to groups as categories interchangeably. Each item can belong to one group. A group can have many items.

You can get a list all the groups you have on your site that have videos. This is commonly done as a drop-down menu for site navigation. Each group has it's own landing page, with a list of all the videos within that group. You can also include an item's group as part of its meta information.

When you are not on the category landing page template, you typically refer to group simply by group (as in When you are within the category landing page template, you refer to the group by selected_group – {{ selected_group.display_name }}.

The category landing page is a pretty simple page. It can contain attributes about the selected_group such as:

  • display_name
  • short_name – slug
  • description
  • masthead – group header image
  • masthead.url – url path for the header image
  • get_podcast_absolute_url – podcast url for the group
  • get_audio_podcast_absolute_url – audio only podcast url
  • /feeds/{{ selected_group.short_name }}/ – RSS feed URI for the group
  • secondary_content_block – an optional block of content for the group. User can put third party widgets or HTML in here.

Other common elements of the category landing page are a list of the videos within the group (selected_items) and a list of recent comments (recent_comments_list).

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