Custom Video Sitemap

Vidcaster creates a video sitemap for your video resource site automatically. If you are heavily promoting video embeds on a different domain, you should add a custom video sitemap for those videos. For example, if your Vidcaster video resource site is and you are focusing traffic to the video embeds on, you will want to create a custom video sitemap for those videos. This custom video sitemap is in addition to your video resource sitemap and will give you an SEO boost for those embedded videos.

Custom Site Map

Vidcaster hosts the custom video sitemap for you. This means that any changes you make to your videos, we automatically update in your video sitemap nightly. All you need to do is add one line of code to your domain's robots.txt file and select which videos in Vidcaster will be in this sitemap.

How to Add a Custom Video Sitemap

1. Go to Settings --> Video SEO and add the domain you want the sitemap for. This domain must match the url of the pages where you are embedding the videos. You must own this domain because it will require access to the robots.txt file. You can only add one custom video sitemap.

Add Custom Site Map

2. Once you add a custom video sitemap in Vidcaster, you will see a sitemap url that you need to add to the robots.txt file for the domain you specified. Copy this url and paste it into your robots.txt file as an additional line under your current sitemap. In our example, this means the Custom Sitemap url hosted by Vidcaster is added to

Update Robotstxt

3. Before you can start adding videos to this custom video sitemap, you must click the Verify Sitemap button. We crawl your domain's robots.txt file and confirm you placed the custom sitemap url correctly. If everything is setup, you will see a green check mark on the Video SEO page.

4. Now you can assign videos to your custom sitemap. In Vidcaster, go to the Edit Video page of the video you want to add. Under "More Video Meta" you will see a check box to add the video to your custom sitemap. Once you click the box, you will see a text box. Enter the url of the page where the video is embedded. The domain in the url must match your custom sitemap domain. Click Save. This video now lives in your custom video sitemap and is no longer in your Vidcaster video resource site sitemap.

Move Video to Custom Sitemap

5. Repeat step four and add more videos that you want in your custom video sitemap.


To remove a video from a custom video sitemap, simply uncheck the box on the Edit Video page and click Save.

To remove a custom video sitemap, go to Settings --> Video SEO and click Delete Sitemap. Deleting a sitemap will move all of the videos in that custom video sitemap back to your Vidcaster video resource site sitemap. You will need to remove the Sitemap line from your robots.txt file.