Site & Player Sizing

As with any web CMS, Vidcaster can be used to power sites of any size. If you can lay it out, you can code it in Vidcaster.

Depending on whom you ask, the ideal width for a webpage is either 320 pixels, 800 pixels, 1024 pixels, or 1280 pixels (or more). When approaching any web design project, you should think about your target audience and how they will be accessing your site. Also, because screen size and resolution vary greatly from device to device, you might want to design your Vidcaster site to adapt to a user's browser window using responsive design.

What about player size?

Vidcaster can accomodate any video player size. If you are using the Vidcaster player and our standard suite of transcodes, you might want to limit the player size in your theme design to 1280 pixels in width.