Advanced Editor

We provide a number of methods, from simple to advanced, for Vidcaster site operators to create a custom look, feel and behavior for their site. Our set of design tools is called the Theme Editor. You can access the Theme Editor from a button at the top left of your site when you are logged in, or from the Site tab of your admin. The Theme Editor is broken down into three sections: Themes, Basic, Advanced.


In the Themes section you can browse our many theme templates. Click on a template to preview what your content would look like with this theme. Click Save & Publish to make the select theme live on your site. If you don't want to keep your changes, simply Close the Theme Editor, or navigate away from the Theme tab.
Theme Editor Themes Section


The Basic Theme Editor allows you to upload custom logo, favicon and background image, as well as select a custom color scheme. When you make a change, you will automatically see a Preview of your changes below. To publish these changes, click Save & Publish. To remove your changes from the Preview, click Revert.
Theme Editor Basic Section


The Advanced Theme Editor houses all of your HTML templates and custom CSS. Select a template to work on. Easily preview your changes. When you Save & Publish, your changes will be live and a revision of that template will be saved in case you need to switch back to the original or a previous revision. Your custom CSS holds for all templates and does not create revisions.
Theme Editor Advanced Section

Vidcaster HTML templates leverage your Vidcaster site's videos and metadata via the Django templating language. Read more about the template language, and the Django programming framework, in Django's official documentation.