Storefront - DVD Thumbnails

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The DVD Thumbnail for Storefront creates a Netflix-like experience for your viewers. 

Showcase your content with movie poster style thumbnails, with or without video titles (click here to learn how to hide the titles)

The DVD Thumbnail feature transforms all of your thumbnails to the DVD format, with images at a X x X size. If no DVD thumbnail image is uploaded, the thumbnail will display as a grey gradient. 

For video embeds, you will have to select a freeze frame from the video content as a default thumbnail that keep the X x X image size. 

If you want to try the DVD Thumbnail feature on your Storefront theme, contact your customer success manager or send an email to to activate it in your account at no additional charge. 

To Upload a DVD Thumbnail: 

  1. Contact to activate the feature in your account (at no additional charge). 
  2. Once enabled, go to the Edit Video page for the thumbnail you wish to update. 
  3. Click the ‘Thumbnail’ button to open the thumbnail editor. 
  4. Use the new option to ‘upload thumbnail’ and select the image file from your computer to upload. The recommended image size is X x X. **Please note that the DVD Thumbnail option requires a thumbnail upload for all videos, if no thumbnail is present, the thumbnail will display as  grey gradient.
  5. Save your new uploaded thumbnail and it will be automatically updated for your viewers (as long as your video is public).