Edit Localized Videos

Uploaded foreign language videos with an associated English version have a modified Edit Video page experience and functionality. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Available foreign language metadata: 

  • - Text: Title, Summary, Long Description, Tags
  • - Date Published 
  • - Category Title Localized: The video will default to the organization associated with the English verison. 
  • - Secondary Content: This is an available block for some custom theme options. Speak to your customer success manager about using this field. 

Functionality limited by utalizing a foreign language version video: 

  • - Thumbnail: Defaults to the English version thumbnail across all language versions 
  • - Annotations: Defaults to the English version Annotations across all language versions 
  • - Replace Video: Not available. To replace a video, delete and reupload 
  • - Privacy Settings: Publishing and Unpublishing are settings are dependent on the English versions state. There is no unique Private Share direct link option for a foreign language version.