Lead Email Verification

To help you best manage your sales teams time, Vidcaster has basic perimeters to verify that an email address is in a valid format. If the email doesn't pass Vidcaster verification criteria below, a viewer sees an error message.

Vidcaster Email Verification Criteria

- Must have an @ sign.

- Cannot contain a space or any non-alphanumeric characters other than a period ( . ) or a hyphen ( - )

- Underscores ( _ ) and percentages ( % ) are allowed before the @ sign.

- Must have characters before and after the @ sign.

- Characters after the @ sign must be followed by a period and two to four alphanumeric characters.

BriteVerify Email Verification

As an extra measure to Vidcaster's verification, add BriteVerify to your Leadwall forms to force responses to include a real email address. Upon submitting the form, BriteVerify quickly pings the email's server to confirm the address does exist. If the email is fake, the viewer will see an error in the form. If the email is real, the viewer will gain access to the video.

Set Up BriteVerify in your account

1) Contact Vidcaster's Support Team at support@vidcaster.com to add the feature to your account. BriteVerify does not come with your account out of the box because it incurs 3rd party fees and we want to confirm each customer is aware these fees will be invoiced.

2) Once added, go to the *Leadwall* page, under the *Videos* tab. Click the *Apps* Tab.

3) Click to activate BriteVerify.

BriteVerify Billing

BriteVerify charges $0.01 per verification.

Upon activating the feature within your account, Vidcaster will issue quarterly invoices with the associated charges.

*BriteVerify is an additional feature of the Vidcaster platform. Contact support@vidcaster.com to discuss adding it to your account.