Embed Builder

The Embed Builder tool allows you to create custom embeds for website pages and html emails. You can find the Embed Builder in the Embed section for each video in Videos --> Manage Videos.

Embed Page

Click on Embed and you will see the Embed Builder page. You will find the default embed code for your video at the top right. If you want to create a custom video embed or create a thumbnail embed for an email, you can configure the embed to the left.

Embed Builder

First decide if you are creating an embed for a website page or a html email. If you are placing the embed on a website page, you have the option of embedding the video player or a thumbnail that links to the video playback page. You can also change the size, include autoplay, a share button, and the video info bar. If you need a https version, turn on SSL. Click the Refresh button and you will see the appropriate code at the top right and a preview of what the code looks like in the bottom right.

If you are creating an embed for an email, select the Email option. Make sure to click the Refresh button to see the email embed code. You can choose to include the video title and summary, and the option to format the thumbnail link for contact tracking.

Note: The email embed is formatted with html tags that only work in html emails. We suggest you send yourself a test email to confirm the formatting works with your email provider.

Embed's for Emails

Tracking links can be formatted manually by inputting a specific contact's email, or you can select one of our mail merge integrations to dynamically input each contact's email into the thumbnail link.

Note: Tracking integrations require your email provider to have mail merge. This means you create an email template with your provider and send the template to a mailing list. We suggest you create a test mailing list with yourself in it and send a test of the template to yourself. When you receive the email, click on the thumbnail and confirm that you visit the video with your email in the url.

Mail Merge Integrations