All Themes - Category Filtering Samples

Below are three sample set of tags you can utalize to call a particular search result or listing of videos. By using these sample instructions, you understand and agree the terms of this sample documentation (click here to review). 

Examples of the get_items_by_filters tag

-- filter by category, show a max of 3 items per category, use caching

{% get_items_by_filters group_items group_short_names=group.short_name max_items=3 use_cache=true %}

-- filter by sub-categories, 12 items per page, sorted by publish date

{% get_items_by_filters subgroup_list sub_group_short_names=selected_sub_group.short_name items_per_page=12 sorting=pub_date %}

The group_short_names and sub_group_short_names can be strings or variables passed from another tag (in the above examples group and selected_sub_group are supplied by another tag.  

Other options for sorting, use the tags: pub_date, popular, featured