Salesforce Connector

How to Connect Your Salesforce Account

To integrate your Leadwall with Salesforce, find Salesforce in the Apps section and insert your Salesforce OID. Click Save.

1) In your Salesforce Account, find your Salesforce OID

     Your Salesforce OID (or Organization Identifier) allows Vidcaster to send lead information to your account without login credentials. 

     1) Click on your name in the top right corner of your Salesforce account, select Setup

     2) In the left menu, find Administration Setup and expand Company Profile

     3) Click on Company Information

     4) In this section you will find the Salesforce OID under Organization Detail in the second column at the bottom

2) Go to the App section of your Leadwall Summary page in your Vidcaster dashboard. 

3) Insert your Salesforce OID and click Save. 

Send Lead Data to Salesforce

To send video data to your Salesforce account, add a Hidden Field to your Leadwall form with the below code and specify the Salesforce field you would like to send it to. In our example, we are sending the video data to the Description field in Salesforce.

Video Title: "{{video_title}}" Video URL:"{{ video_url }}" Timestamp: "{{metric_timestamp}}"

Leadwall Hidden Field