NEW Contact Capture & Management Update

To create more flexibilty for our training use case customers, we've added an option to our Leadwall form that no longer requires email address to be the capture mechanism to identify the contact for the Leadwall Form. 

To Continue Using Email Address to Capture Leads on Your Leadwall Form

In the 'Contact ID field" enter in the value 'Email Address' exactly how it's displayed below in grey or do not insert any value and it will default to Email Address as the required mechanism to capture and identify your contacts.

  • - Using the default 'Email Address' field name will continue to make this field default and always required.
  • - Basic email structure valididation will still be in place. 

To Capture Contacts using Flexible Contact ID

1) Click to create a new Leadwall form as normal. Insert in a unique Leadwall name for your internal identification of the form. 

2) In the Contact ID field, insert any value other than 'Email Address' to activate contact ID capture. In this example, we've used 'Agent ID'. You can continue to decide if you want the form to appear before or after the video. Then, click 'Save'. 


3) Clicking 'Save' once you've entered in a unique Contact ID field will take you to your Form Builder. You will now see the new Contact ID value in your Leadwall form. 

  • - This form field continues to be default and is always required to identify your contact. 
  • - Any value placed by a contact into this field will be the identifier for their Vidcaster Contact Profile and Analytic reporting. 

Important to Remember

You Don't Have Email Addresses

  • - You don't have the contact's email address, so you cannot follow up with the users or use the form setup with our current MAP integrations. 
  • - If you want to capture email address as an additional, optional field, use the Custom Field Text Box. 
  • - Some features, like the Email Quiz Receipt will not work. 

Contact Validation 

  • - You can have both types of Contact Validation on your Vidcaster site. But, remember each video can only be under one type of Leadwall form. 
  • - If you do not place a unique field name in the Contact ID field when creating your Leadwall form, the form will default to capture Email Address. Alternatively, you can enter the value 'Email Address' to continue to capture and track contacts by email address. 
  • - Vidcaster Contact Profiles cannot be merged (i.e. if you've previously identified Sally via her email, you cannot merge it with her new profile that captures her by Sally1234) 
  • There isn't any field validation on how a contact can choose to identify themselves, so user error is possible.
  • - Without validation, anyone can enter information to unlock the Leadwall gate if your Vidcaster site is public. 
  • - Consider putting a shared password security lockdown on your entire Vidcaster site to help valididate that you are only enabling your known contacts to enter their contact details to being training. 
  • - A Contact Profile is still created for every new contact captured via the Leadwall form. You can search by the new contact value. 

For Training

  • - We recommend placing all of your videos under one or more Leadwall gates so you can capture all of your trainees engagement.
  • - An explainer video with a Leadwall preview or form that appears after the video will help provide the right instructions to your employees on how to identify themselves for contact tracking.