Set Up a Leadwall Form

1. Activate Leadwall within Your Account

In the General page, under the Settings tab, check the ‘Active’ box next to Leadwall to activate the feature within your account.

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2. Go to the Leadwall Page

Under the Videos tab, click Leadwall. This will take you to the Summary section of your Leadwall management.

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Quick Overview of Summary page actions:

     - Create a new Leadwall Form

     - Configure an existing Leadwall form

     - Manage the Leadwall’s videos

     - Download a CSV Lead Report

     - Deactivate a Leadwall form

3. Create a new Leadwall form

Click the ‘Add a New Leadwall’ Button to create a new form OR if it’s your first time using Leadwall, you can click the ‘Configure Form’ option under the ‘My Leadwall’ form we created for you.

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Insert a Leadwall form title

This field will be used for your internal reference only and will not be visible to your leads. This field can be edited within your Leadwall form.

Select if you would like the Leadwall form to appear before or after the video.

By checking the box, your Leadwall form would appear ‘Postroll’ or after the video completes. If you do not check the box, the Leadwall form appears before the video starts or after the Leadwall preview. Learn more about Postroll. Learn more about Leadwall Previews.

4. Edit the Leadwall Form Details

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This sentence appears at the top of your Leadwall form. Use this field to provide guidance to your viewers to complete the form in order to access the video content.

Header Examples: 

- To view this video, please provide the following

- Let us get to know you by sharing the following details and then enjoy the video!

- Please complete the following form to watch the video

Additional Information        

This optional field appears at the footer (bottom) of your Leadwall form. This sentence recognizes HTML and is useful for presenting privacy links, terms and conditions, or other additional information. 

Tip: If you insert a link into this field, make sure you set the link to open in a new window (target=”blank”), otherwise your link will open in the video iframe.

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5. Complete your Leadwall form in the Form Builder

Now you can begin to build the fields of your Leadwall form. To learn more, visit the Add and Customize Leadwall Form Fields tutorial.