Import with a Link

You can use our link import to display live stream embeds, slide presentations, or display your videos with a different player. Enter the link of your video and we will display your video with the associated player on your Vidcaster site.

How to import videos with a link

    1. Log into your Vidcaster site and click the green button in the top right corner that says Add a new video.

    2. Click Import with Link. Copy and paste the link of your video here and click Import.

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  1. Your video is now processing. It will be in the private section of your site while it processes and will move into the public section as soon as it is done.

  2. Your video is ready! We imported the title and summary, but you can edit that on the Edit Video page. We don't suggest editing the embed code because this can break the responsive sizing of our import, but if you want to, you can access the embed code from this page with the Edit embed button on the Info tab in the bottom right hand corner of the page.


What type of links can you import?

If you have a video link or slide link, it's a good chance we support it. View our Accepted Links to learn more.


You don't support my link, do I have other options?

Yes you do! Use our basic embed tool. Click on Add a new video and then select the embed import link in the sentence at the bottom.


Does the link import work with Paywall and Leadwall?

Yes it does! Import your video and then add it to a Paywall or Leadwall playlist. It's that easy! Just remember that if your video is public on another site, gating the video on Vidcaster does not keep people from watching it on the other platform.


Will my imported video views show up in my Vidcaster analytics?

We are not able to track view data for videos that are embedded on our platform because we do not control the player, so the view data will not show up. We do track analytics for videos that use our own player options.