Admin Users

Admin users are the people who have access to your Vidcaster account. They can upload videos, change settings, distribute videos to social channels, and so on. Vidcaster allows you to have 50 Admin users out-of-the-box with the Marketer and Educator plans. To see your account's Admin users, go to the Settings tab and click on Users.

Admin Users

There are two different Admin user rights, Site Owner, or not. The Site Owner has two differences:

  • They are the only one who can delete an Admin user.
  • If you are on credit card billing, only the Site Owner can access all billing information.

How to add Admin users

  1. Go to the Settings tab and select Users.
  2. If you are using the Private Site feature, click on Admin. For everyone else, Admin should be the only option.
  3. Click the blue button at the top, "Invite New Admin".
  4. Enter the email of the person you would like to add. Click "Send Invitation" and we will send them an email with an activation link for their account.
    Admin Invite
  5. Once the new Admin user has activated their account with the emailed link, they can create a password and add their name.

How to delete Admin users

Only the Site Owner can delete an Admin user. Once logged in, the Site Owner will see an "X" next to each Admin. Click the "X" and you will be prompted to delete the user. If you are not sure who the Site Owner is, any Admin can log in and check the Users tab under Settings. "Site Owner" will be displayed clearly for all Admin to see.

How to change the Site Owner

To change the Site Owner, the current Site Owner, or established account contact with Vidcaster, needs to email with the account URL and the email of the new Site Owner.