Manage Videos

Manage Videos is your video library, where you can find and configure all of your videos. Located under the main Videos tab, the Manage Videos page is optimized for large video libraries and a robust set of configuration actions.

Manage Videos


The first section on the page is the filter bar, where you can filter the table to quickly find the videos you are looking for. Filter by privacy, category, or search for a specific video title.

Filter by Privacy
Filter by Privacy

Filter by Category
Filter by Category

Search for a Video Title
Filter by Video Title


The top of the video table includes bulk actions to Publish, Unpublish, Move, or Delete your videos. Perform an action on the entire page of videos, a few, or one.

Bulk Actions

Select "Move to" from the Action dropdown to assign categorization.

Move To

The table defaults to 20 videos per page. You can change this display to 50 videos for large bulk actions.

Display Count


Each video row includes stats related to the video and individual action buttons. Scan the video thumbnail or title to find your video. Click either to go directly to the Edit Video page. To see how your video landing page looks, click the "See it live!" link that appears as you hover over the row.

See it live!

Your private videos are tagged with a lock icon that appears before the title of the video. Other important information about your video that you can find here is the publish date and which category the video is currently in.

Private Videos Lock

In the stats section, you can see the number of video plays and comments to date. Note that videos using a third party player will not see the video plays stat. If you are using our localization feature, you will see the number of foreign languages associated with your video.

Video Stats

On the far right of each video row are individual video actions, starting with Edit on the left. The pencil icon will take you to the Edit Video page for the video. Next is the looped arrow icon that will take you to the Share page for the video. On the Share page you can distribute your video to social changes. The double carrot icon is a link to the Embed page where you can build customized embeds to incorporate your videos into other websites. Finally, you will see a page icon that allows you to order a Transcript for your video. If you are using a third party player, you will not see the Transcript option.

Video Actions