Send Leads to Your CRM tool

Connect your Vidcaster account to one of our CRM connectors to automatically pass leads to your sales team. 

The Vidcaster connection to the available marketing automation systems enables three key features to get leads into a nurture program or into the hands of your Sales Team. Fast. 

Vidcaster Connection Features

1) Vidcaster automatically places Site Tracking code in your Vidcaster gallery once you've connected your account - making it easier for you to understand the behaviors of your prospective customers engaging with your video content. 

2) All leads captured by your Leadwall forms are automatically sent to your system, with Vidcaster as the established lead source and subsequent video views*. 

3) Customize your Leadwall form to capture and send additional data to your system to generate lead scores and better nurture those leads. 

4) Leads are not duplicated.* If de-duplication is available in your connector, then every lead is checked by the email address prior to being sent to your system with either a new lead or appending data to an existing one. 

 *Not available with all marketing automation or CRM tool connectors.

Below is a list of currently supported integrations with many more coming soon. 

To learn how to connect your system to Vidcaster, use the left hand navigation to select your system. 

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Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic