Marketo Connector

How to connect Marketo to Vidcaster 

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1) In your Marketo account, capture your *Account ID* and *API Private Key*

         Account ID (Munkin Account ID) 

          1) Log into your Marketo account

          2) Click on Admin in the top right corner

          3) In the left menu, find and click Munchkin under the Integrations section

          4) Copy your Munkin Account ID to place into your Vidcaster account 

               *stay here to follow the next instructions! 

         API Private Key 

         Your Marketo API Private Key is a key you define in Marketo to use as a credential for API calls to your account.

          1) Still in your Munchkin Integrations section, scroll down to API Configuration, Click Edit 

          2) Enable Munchkin API and create an API Private Key

          3) Click 'Save' to store the the API Private Key in Marketo 

2) Go to the Leadwall page, under the Videos Tab. Click *Apps* 

3) Select the Marketo App 

4) Enter your Marketo Account ID and API Private Key 

5) Click Save