How to Use the Vidcaster Messenger

Vidcaster’s messenger tool connects you directly to the Support team. 

When to Use the Messenger Tool

• Ask a general support question 

• Report an issue you are having with the platform 

• Collaborate on your video strategy 


How To Use The Messenger Tool 

Once logged into your Vidcaster Admin, click the question mark on the lower right of your dashboard. 

  • - Send a message and add attachments. 
  • - You can also view your message history by clicking on the hamburger.  
  • - Close the messenger tool at any time, you can always reopen by clicking on the question mark. 

When You’ll Hear From Us  

We typically will respond to messages within an hour or so (except on the weekends). Our message will pop up in your Vidcaster Admin the next time you refresh or go to a new page and you will receive an email to continue the conversation after you’ve logged out. In the future, you’ll also receive in-app notifications from our team on our latest features, upcoming webinars, and strategy suggestions. 

How Often Can You Chat With Us?

Typically we limit our email support to 30 minutes a month for any non-related bug questions. As the Messenger is a new tool - we want you to use it often and share your feedback. If the amount of available time to chat changes in the future - we'll notify you! 

The Vidcaster messenger tool is powered by Intercom. If you do not have access to the messenger tool or are unsure on how to use the tool, send us an email to