MRSS Feeds

An MRSS feed is an automatically updating index of your published Vidcaster video content. You share your MRSS feed URL(s) so that other systems can understand and share your content, such as video search engines or third-party video syndication services.

A site-wide MRSS feed returns the 10 most recently published videos from your Vidcaster site, while category specific MRSS feeds return the 10 most recently published videos from each respective category.

For each video there are two <media:content> tags both grouped under the <media:group> tag.

The first <media:content> tag will point to your customized Vidcaster embeddable player and the other <media:content> tag points to the raw video file in h264 format.

Check out these MRSS feeds out our on your own Vidcaster site, they are activated by default: