Multiple Site Video Management

If you are an admin of multiple Vidcaster sites, you can easily move video content from one site to another. 

How to copy videos to another site

1. In the Manage Videos page, select the videos that you wish to move to another site. 

2. Click the "Actions" Option, then select "Clone to Site". 

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3. A dropdown will appear with a list of your other Vidcaster sites. Select the site where you want to copy your videos to another site. 

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4. Once the processing is complete, a green status bar will popup on the top of your page confirming the number of videos that were copied. 

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5. The copied file will default load to "Private" and uses date copied as the Date Published so you can make any necessary edits prior to publishing. Not all data is transferred so please review the lists below to ensure you update the file accordingly. 

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            Copied Video File Data: 

  • - Video Title 
  • - Summary 
  • - Tags
  • - Long Description

            NOT Transferred: 

  • - Thumbnail 
  • - Annotations 
  • - Transcript (use the transcript editor to download / upload file)
  • - Category and Subcategory organization
  • - Date Published