Analytics Overview

The Vidcaster player provides a robust set of Analytics that we are constantly expanding to help you optimize your content and prove your video strategy ROI.
Vidcaster Native Analytics Overview

You can find your Vidcaster Analytics under the Analytics tab in the Admin when you log into your site. The top bar allows you to filter your data by a date range, a custom date range, and by category. Customers using our Localization features will see a Language filter as well. You can download your view data from the Export as CSV button in this bar. All data displayed in the Dashboard and in the CSV export respond to the filters set at the top of the page.

Review the Analytics support documents to see a write up on each chart and table you will find on your Dashboard.

Charts and Tables
∘ Total Plays by Date
∘ Viewership Over Duration
∘ Most Played Videos
∘ Most Clicked Annotations
∘ Most Clicked Chapters
∘ Top Referrers
∘ Your Biggest Fans
∘ Top Viewing Methods
∘ Views by Country