Network Solutions Custom Domain Setup Instructions

Below are the setup instructions for connecting your Vidcaster site to your custom domain through Network Solutions. 

1. After you've purchased your domain, under Account Settings > My Products & Services > My Domain Name, click on the 'Edit DNS' and then to 'Edit Advanced DNS Record'

2. Under Host Aliases, click 'Edit CNAME Records'. 

3. Add a new Alias 'www' or your subdomain such as 'videos', select the 'Other Host' radio button and enter ''. Click 'Continue'. 4. Back on the Domains Name screen, under IP Address (A record), click 'Edit A Record'.

5. For both the values @None and *(All Others) enter in the following IP Address: 6. Leave the www value blank. Click continue, within a few and up to 24 hours, your domain should be ready to be entered into your Vidcaster account to switch your custom domain.