In-Document Section Links

It's helpful to add section links within a document for users to easily jump to information on a page containing FAQ's or subscriber information. You can see a link jump on this Vidcaster Support Page by clicking on the 'Background' section at the top of the page. 
Follow the two step process below to create the link action. 

1) Create a hyperlink for the topic

For the title you want to link to at the bottom of the document: 
1. Highlight the title/words 
2. Click on the link icon in the toolbar 
3. place pound/hastag and identifier for the link in the Link URL field 
Inline image 1

2) Link it to a section on the page 

To link that to the section below: 
1. Switch to the HTML Editor by clicking 'Disable rich text editor' 
2. Find the words / section you want to link to. If you have styled it with a header style, it may look like this: 
Without styling, it may look like this: 
3. Regardless of the styling, in the 'inside carrot' add the following code: id="insert identifier" to look like this: 
<h3 id="background">Background</h3>