Pass Lead Data to CRM or MAP

Many CRMs and Marketing Automation applications require specific formatting to receive data. Specifying a value allows you to send the correct data while presenting the option in a user friendly way.

Specify what value you want to send to your database with double colons ( :: ) placed after the value.

- The value before the double colons is the value sent to the database.

- The value after the double colons is what is presented to the viewer.

- If you don't use double colons and just commas, the database receives the data as it was presented.

When you are building a list for a dropdown or checkbox field, its best practice to put double colons before the phrase "Select One" and leave the value before the double colons blank. This means that if someone selects "Select One", no value is sent to the database, so the viewer will be prompted to select a different answer if the question is required.