How to set up Paywall

If you have access to our paywall feature on your Vidcaster site, you can activate the feature by navigating to the Settings --> General tab on your site's backend. Once you're there, simply check the box to activate paywall.

Paywall settings page

Next, you will need to create a new subscription and specify the appropriate terms. Navigate to the Settings --> Paywall tab.

Paywall settings

On the Paywall Settings page, click the "Create New Terms+" button.

This will launch another window, where you can set the desired terms for your subscription.

Paywall terms

After the terms are set, we can add existing videos by following the the "Manage this subscription's videos" link for the terms that was just created. This action will take you to this page:

Manage Playlist

To protect a video with Paywall, you simply need to add it by clicking on the "Add" button that corresponds to that video. An added video appears under the "Listed" section.

Manage Playlist

Once you've set the appropriate videos to be Paywall protected, users will be prompted to subscribe when they attempt to watch one of your Paywall protected videos:

Paywall protected

From here, the user has the option of creating a new account, or logging in if he/she already has an account.

If a video is protected by more than one set of cost and terms, users will have the option to choose between the multiple options.

Manage Playlist

Once a user selects a plan and pays using a credit card (if the plan is a paid plan), the user will be authenticated and will have access to videos protected under this plan.


How does a site owner delete a subscription?

By design, subscriptions cannot be deleted due to their connection with monetary transactions; however, users can be prevented from subscribing to them by deselecting the "Active" checkbox. Anybody currently subscribed to an Inactive subscription can still access that subscription, but other viewers will not see the subscription as an option. When you make a subscription Inactive, the subscription moves to your subscription Archive.