Managing Subscribers

View your Subscribers

To view a full list of your Subscribers, download the CSV Subscriber report on the Paywall tab in your admin. This report will give you the subscriber's email address, the subscription they are subscribed to, whether they are Active or Inactive, and the subscription expiration date. Upload your subscribers into your contact management tool of choice to reach out to them with more information!

Cancel or Update Subscriber Information

Subscribers of a recurring subscription will see a Manage Account button at the top of your site when they are logged in. Here they can cancel their subscription or update their account and billing information.

If a Subscriber needs to reset their password, they can do so by clicking on the Reset Password link on the Paywall login page and entering their email address.

Refund a Subscriber

To refund a subscriber, email and tell us the email of the subscriber and the subscription you would like to unsubscribe them from. There is no fee for refunding a subscriber.