Playlist Widget Embed

You can create a embed of a set of videos from a playlist to place on a webpage. 

1. Go the the Playlist page under the Videos tab. 

2. Click on the widget or cog icon next to the category, subcategory, leadwall, or paywall playlist where you want to create a widget embed for that set of videos. You can also create a custom playlist for a set of videos outside of the previously listed organization. 

3. You can now modify the widget setttings for your embed. Once done, hit 'refresh embed' and copy and paste your code into the desired webpage. 

FAQ: Can I embed a Playlist Widget from my private site onto another webpage?

No, you can not embed a playlist widget from a private site. If you attempt to do this, you will see an error message reading 'no videos are available'. You can embed a single video from a private site or a site protected with a password, and your viewers will see the gating option (to login or enter shared password) within the iframe.