Postroll Leadwall Form

Turning on the Postroll Leadwall setting displays your Leadwall form upon completion of your video. This helps to capture highly qualified leads who have watched your entire video content or to make a final request to opt-in to a newsletter.

Setup Your Leadwall Form to Appear After Your Video Plays

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1) Create a new Leadwall form
Click the ‘Add a New Leadwall’ Button to create a new form

2) Insert a Leadwall form title
This field will be used for your internal reference only and will not be visible to your leads. This field can be edited within your Leadwall form.

3) Select the 'Appear after video' option
By checking the box, your Leadwall form would appear ‘Postroll’ or after the video completes. If you do not check the box, the Leadwall form appears before the video starts or after the Leadwall preview.