Privacy Options

Create a private video site for internal employee training, a premium support portal, or enterprise level paid subscriptions. The entire site is gated with a login, so only authorized users can access your videos.

The Private Site implementation comes with two configuration options, invite only and registration. Go to Settings --> General and scroll down to Site Privacy.

Site Privacy Settings

The first two options do not include an authorized user system, so we do not consider them part of the Private Site feature set. Option one sets your Vidcaster site to public. The second option is a basic shared password. We recommend a shared password for public sites that are preparing to launch and do not want any wandering viewers to see the site until it is ready.

The third option gates your site to only the individual users you invite from the Admin. Your public facing page will be a login page like this one.

Login Page

The fourth option allows any person to register for access to your site. Once a person registers, they must first validate that they have a real email by clicking an activation link sent to them immediately via email. The registration option still includes the ability for Admin to invite users to the site, seen in option three. Registration will create a public facing page that has both the login form seen above and this sign-up form.

Sign-up Page