Contact Management

To add Private Site Contacts, you must first activate Private Site under Settings --> General --> Site Privacy --> select either the option 'Only authorized users can access my site' OR 'Allow users to register for your private site'. 

Admin are users who have access to the Vidcaster account. They can see the Vidcaster dashboard, upload videos, change the site design.

Users, or now more commonly known as contacts are site level users who cannot access the admin and can only see the video site. These Contacts can be invited or register themselves depending on the privacy settings configured. You can invite contacts one at a time or in bulk. To invite a contact, click the blue Manage button at the top of the Manage Users page and select "Add User"

You will see a popup, like the image below, where you can enter the name and email of the contact. There are also options to set an access end date and limit access to specific categories. If access is limited to specific categories, the contact will see the site filtered to only the videos public in those categories. This includes filtering of all category names and pages, as well as comments. If a contact does not have access to a category, they will not see that it or its videos and comments exist.

Once you invite a contact using this method, they receive an email with an activation link where they can create their own password. This activation link will work for 7 days. Past the 7 days, the pending contact can click on the "Forgot password?" link on the login page to receive a new email and link.

To add multiple contacts at a time, click Manage and select "Add Multiple Users". You will need to enter a row for each contact. This is best done by creating a CSV document and pasting the results into the text block in the popup. You can then set category access for this group of contacts which will limit their experience to seeing only the published content and metadata available in those categories. An access end date can also be set for all users as well. Any access end dates listed in the CSV list of contacts (make sure you include the header 'date' column) will override the universal setting on this window. Please refer to the Formatting Guidelines for Adding Multiple Users. Multiple User imports are run hourly. We will send you an email when your contacts are ready and let you know if any of the contacts erred due to formatting issues.

After a Contact is created, you can edit their access date and categories by clicking on the pencil and paper icon next to their email. We do not let you edit the contact's name, email, or password. This is owned by the contact to avoid any login issues. You can also delete a contact by clicking the "X" in the same location.

Quickly find a contact by entering their email into the search bar at the top left of the page, or paginate through contact using the arrows at the top right.