Replace Video File

You can replace a current uploaded video file without losing your video metadata, video organization, and analytics by using the 'Replace Video File' button on the Edit Video page. 

Common reasons to replace a video file: 

  • - New or additional editing 
  • - Replacing outdated information 
  • - Replacing a video placeholder during site setup as you've waited for the final version from your video production team 

How to Replace a Video File:

1. Click into the Edit Video page for the video file you want to replace

2. Click the 'Replace Video File' button in the lower right hand corner, this will open to a Replace Uploader

3. Open the uploader by clicking 'Choose a File to Upload' button and find your new video file

4. Use the uploader as normal to select your video (don't do a bulk upload here). 

Replace Video File Keeps: 

  • - Video Metatdata including title, summary, tags, long description, and category organization
  • - Video Analytics 

Replace Video File Doesn't Keep: 

  • - Video Thumbnails 
  • - Annotations