Report Builder

Report Builder allows you to build, analyze, and export video analytics reports. First, select one of the six report types:

  • Annotation Clicks: How many viewers have clicked your in-video text annotations.
  • Plays by Countries: Where each play came from.
  • Quizzes: How many viewers submitted quizzes and their average accuracy.
  • Site Referrers: The websites viewers were on when they found your videos.
  • Video Plays: How many plays each video received.
  • Viewer Plays: How many plays each known viewer had.

Select Report Type

Select Report Type

Use the filter bar to drill down by date, category, and language. The language filter comes with our localization feature set.
Date Picker

Isolate individual video data with the video search bar. Enter a video name and select from a live search list.
Search for a Video

Paginate through your data or export the details to a CSV file with the "Export CSV" button in the top right of the filter bar. The exported CSV report will respect whichever filters you currently have set in the Report Builder.