Basic Rotator - Change Number of Featured Videos

The Basic Rotator theme displays a carousel of 6 videos that loop in the featured video section.

These videos will pull from your 'Featured Playlist' and from the 'Most Recent' default list (located under your Featured Playlist) if you don't have 6 videos in the featured section. If you have more than 6 videos in the Featured Playlist, it will pull the first 6 videos. 

You can modify the number of videos displayed within the Advanced Editor. 

Modify Number of Featured Videos Instructions

1. In your Advanced Editor, go to the Index html file. Then, find the following line of code: 

                {% get_items_by_filters item_list max_items=6 backfill_type=pub_date %}

2. Update the max items filter to the desired number of videos you want to display. 

3. Save and Publish your changes.