Add a Video Preview

Adding a Preview to your gated video content helps to increase conversion rates of viewers into contacts. Previews are a great way to hook viewers into the video content before asking them to share their email address and contact details or sign up for a video subscription using the Paywall gate.

To Add and Edit a Preview

Once you have added a video to an active Leadwall or Subscription playlist in the Manage Playlist page, go to the Edit Video page for the video where you want to add the preview.

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2)   On the Edit Video page, a Preview option is now available above the video preview. Click to open the preview editor.

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3)   In the preview editor, you have flexability to set a preview:

-       Use a set duration of time for the preview to play starting at the beginning of the video.

-       Use the start and stop function to select a section of content at any point throughout the video.

After clicking save, your video is automatically updated with the preview and will go with your video and leadwall form wherever you need it to go – embeds, social sharing, etc. You know the preview is ready when the button changes to Delete Preview.

Your Preview is now active and will automatically play when a view clicks to play your video. Once the preview is over, the viewer will be prompted to complete a Leadwall form or sign up for a Paywall subscription.


When I watch my video I don't see the Preview or the Vidwall (Paywall or Leadwall video gate), what's wrong?

First check that you are not logged into your Vidcaster site. If you are logged in, all videos will play for you without a Leadwall or Paywall. This will keep you from seeing your Preview as well.

Not logged in? Leadwall is cookie based. We set a cookie when someone fills out the form so they can access your other Leadwall videos and see the videos on return trips. If you don't see your Leadwall, clear your browser cookies and reload the page.

Still can't see your Preview? Make sure you have Leadwall or Paywall activated for your site. It is possible that you have your video in a Leadwall or Paywall, but you haven't turned on the feature for your site. You can do so under the Settings tab under General.

Can I manually set the start and end time of my Preview?

Yes, you can manually enter a time into the start and end boxes. Make sure to either put a whole number for seconds or use the time code format of 00:00:00. To set manual times, you need to click the Save button. Clicking Set start time or Set end time will pull the time from the player, so ignore these and go directly to the Save button.

How do I edit my Preview video once I have made one?

To change your Preview you need to first delete the current Preview. Once the Preview video is deleted, you can add a new one in the same way you created the first Preview.

Why can't I add a Preview to my video in my Admin?

Previews are for gated videos. To use the Preview tool, your video must be in one of our Vidwall video gates, either a Paywall or a Leadwall. Check to see if your video is in one of your Vidwalls.

How do I set the Leadwall form to appear at the end of my video?

While you can set a preview to run the duration of the video, we recommend you gate your video under a Postroll Leadwall form. Learn more about Postroll Leadwall forms that appear at the end of a video.