Silverpop Connector

How to Connect Your Silverpop Account

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1) In your Silverpop account, capture your Login URL, Username, Password, and Database ID. 

Login URL, username, and password should be items provided to you by Silverpop to log into your account. 

     To find your Database ID: 

     1) In your Silverpop account, click on Data then select Database Summary

     2) Click Show Additional Details and you will see the 5 digit Database ID listed


2) Go to the App section of your Leadwall Summary page in your Vidcaster dashboard. 

3) Insert your Silverpop account data and click Save. 

Send Lead Data to Silverpop 

To send video data to your Silverpop account, add a Hidden Field to your Leadwall form with the below code and specify the Silverpop field you would like to send it to. In our example, we are sending the video data to the Description field in Silverpop.

Video Title: "{{video_title}}" Video URL:"{{ video_url }}" Timestamp: "{{metric_timestamp}}"

Leadwall Hidden Field