Single Sign On

Single Sign On (SSO) is a powerful solution for putting private or password protected video in the hands of your employees, partners, contractors, customers and users.

Instead of requiring users to log in to multiple accounts, SSO enables you to take advantage of the Vidcaster platform, while providing a fully integrated video experience to your audience.

With SSO configured, Vidcaster hooks into your preferred log in system (an internal portal, application, etc.) and your users get seamless access to your video site.

Top Benefits of SSO

SSO benefits you and your audience by making it easier to access information, share data and manage multiple softwares.

1. Security & Compliance

SSO leverages the existing security protocols and compliance systems established by your application. This means the same security measures you are already using will be applied to your Vidcaster site.

2. Simple, Easy & Fast

You don’t have to maintain a separate list of administrators and logins for your users. Your users will only need to login once to access multiple systems.

3. Better User Experience

With SSO, your video resources will be integrated so your users won’t have to remember another password or get confused about how to gain access.

4. Flexible Set Up

SSO is a flexible solution. You can use it for communicating with employees, customers, partners, etc. Customizations are available for unique situations or complex configurations.

5. Streamlined Data Management

SSO makes it simple to unite analytics from your various systems. You can pull video analytics about viewer behavior and connect it to data you gather from your other applications.

Common Use Cases for SSO & Video

SSO is a flexible solution that benefits both administrators and end users. Here are several common examples of combining SSO and video for business use cases.

Employee Portals: You want your video training site to be completely integrated with your employee intranet or internal portal.

Partner Communication: Your partners already have access to your system and you want to provide them with proprietary video content.

User Support & Education: You want your video gallery and video training site to be part of a seamless user experience.

Video Subscription: Your subscribers already have accounts, which you want to extend to your new video content.

Getting Started with SSO & Vidcaster

There are two types of SSO: standards compliant and custom. Standards compliant means your application uses an established access management solution like SAML or OneLogin. Vidcaster supports both types of SSO; however, custom SSO will require more implementation time.

These are the steps for setting up SSO with your Vidcaster site:

Discovery: We schedule a discovery call with your IT Team to learn about your SSO infrastructure.

Planning: Based on the call, Vidcaster comes back with a proposed implementation plan.

Approval: Your IT Team reviews the plans, requests changes if needed, and grants Vidcaster access to your SSO infrastructure.

Implementation: Vidcaster implements the SSO plan. We may need to ask your IT Team questions during this time.

Contact the Vidcaster Support Team at to discuss implementing single sign on to connect to your Vidcaster site.