Share to your social channels

Share your videos easily to your social channels directly from your Vidcaster Admin panel. 

How to connect the channels 

It’s simple to connect your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels to Vidcaster. 

1) In your Admin Panel, go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Add Ons’ 

2) Select the social channel you wish to connect and enter the associated credentials. 

How to share 

1) In your ‘Manage Videos’ page, click the ‘Share’ button to the right of the video you want to share. 

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2) This will take you to the Share to Social page. From this page, you can select one, two, or all social channels to share the video. 

Tip: Depending on your objective for sharing to your social channels, you may need to share directly from that channel so you can create additional messaging and calls to action for followers to watch your video. 

Best Practices

YouTube Tips 

1)YouTube removes all Paywall and Leadwall Forms. 

It's recommended that share videos that do not need a gate or create 'teaser' content or previews that you can then use to drive your audience back to your Vidcaster video site. 

2) YouTube removes all Annotations and in-video interactivity. 

You can add alternative calls to action to drive viewers back to your Vidcaster site:

          - In the description of the video 

          - In the original video

          - Place in-video link via YouTube. You can learn how to do that here

Facebook & Twitter Tips 

1) Think about your audience who follows you on your social channels. Share video content that is most likely to be watched, liked, and shared by those followers. 

2) Shorter video content is likely to be watched in it's entirety on social. 

3) Share content that encourages viewers to visit your Vidcaster video site or main website to learn / watch more. 

4) Consider sharing content that does not have a Leadwall or Paywall form or place the forms at the end of the video. Ask for that information once they visit your video site to increase conversions.

5) Use the Vidcaster Hootsuite App to pull your video library directly into Hootsuite to make it easy to tweet. 

Tips for Mobile 

Many of your followers access their social channels on-the-go and your content / messaging should account for those behaviors. 

          - Keep video content short or engaging within the first few seconds 

          - Create a very clear call to action why they should watch the video 

          - iOS devices may strip out Annotations. Be sure to test your videos on different devices before sharing. 

          - Consider device screen size when selecting what videos to share for your on-the-go viewers as in-video text or slides could be hard to read.