Vidcaster knows that your content needs to be secure and offers several out of the box SSL options as well as custom domain SSL setup. 

What is SSL? 

SSL is the security setting of your website that helps protect your and your customers information. This is denoted by changing the http to https and adding the lock icon next to your web address. The security setting is changed by purchasing an SSL certificate for your root domain and provisioning it for your site (this is where Vidcaster comes in...more about that below). 

Out of the box, Vidcaster offers several security options, which are listed below. 

Out of the Box SSL Options

  • - Your Vidcaster domain site ( is connected to an SSL certificate and is protected. 
  • - All Vidcaster iframes have an SSL option to enable secure embeds using the domain. 
  • - All Vidcaster Paywall Forms are SSL secure. 

Custom Domain SSL Setup 

If you have a custom domain you want to use for your Vidcaster site, speak to your video strategist or customer success manager about pricing options.

Then, you or your person responsible for purchasing domains will need to purchase a SSL certificate for the root domain (either '' or ''). Once you have agreed on fees with Vidcaster, send the SSL certificate to Vidcaster for provisioning and monthly maintanence.